Services: lease management

LODESTAR is a company that stands for the careful and reliable management of leaseholds. We combine tact and diplomacy to find the common interests of the often very different lessees, thus ensuring the best possible care of your property. Our objective is to provide you as owner with the security of an outstandingly managed property which has excellent prospects of maintaining and maximising its value.


Lease management by LODESTAR means:

Property management that maximises value as a result of carrying out maintenance work in good time.

  • holding lessee meetings that are well-prepared so that they run smoothly and with a minimum of disagreement
  • speedily implementing lessees' decisions
  • providing transparency in all book-keeping and management issues
  • providing comprehensive commercial, legal and technical consultation and handling
  • supplying all lessees with detailed and regular information
  • close cooperation with the management committee


Professional and effective partners assist us in carrying out our functions: these include architects, surveyors and reliable tradesmen who provide high-quality work, whether this involves large-scale measures or smaller repairs, and who present correctly prepared bills.


Our list of services for lease management

  • checking all existing necessary insurance agreements
  • monitoring and concluding the necessary household and liability insurance agreements for the lessees
  • handling insurance events, including remedying damage
  • concluding and checking maintenance agreements
  • preparing for all types of technical inspections
  • organising and commissioning appropriate specialists for providing heat insulation and reducing energy costs
  • handling orders for keys
  • being constantly available for the lessees
  • management consulting hours at the property
  • handling correspondence, consultations, providing information to the lessees
  • regularly inspecting and checking the condition of the building
  • monitoring all technical facilities in connection with maintenance jobs
  • providing technical reports, preparing long-term repair costs schedules, improvement plans
  • presenting and enforcing warranty claims, having maintenance and repairs carried out (involving quotes, being present at the property when necessary, preparing pricing rates, consultation, tendering processes, awarding contracts, acceptance of work done, checking bills, paying bills
  • coordinating discussions with house committees
  • checking payments
  • preparing the house rules and monitoring compliance with them
  • handing complaints in the event of violations of the house rules
  • finding appropriate energy companies and waste removal companies and  handling correspondence with them
  • appointing and monitoring support staff for the building
  • regularly checking the continuous care of the property
  • maintaining professional and up-to-date book-keeping
  • preparing the annual bill with individual settlement as well as making any necessary adjustments
  • preparing an annual bill in the form of an incoming payments/outgoing payments list for the lessees
  • carrying out all payments which affect the property
  • monitoring incoming and outgoing payments relating to the property
  • compiling bills for all payments and preparing budgets
  • providing payment reminders when payments are over-due
  • managing current accounts and savings accounts for the property
  • properly investing the maintenance reserves
  • properly filing all management documents
  • providing representation in and out of court as well as legal enforcement of claims on the part of the lessees against third parties and individual lessees
  • conducting negotiations with public authorities and meeting requirements imposed by public authorities
  • summoning and holding the annual ordinary general meeting of lessees and holding extraordinary general meetings as required
  • keeping the minutes and carrying out the decisions of the general meetings and sending the minutes to all lessees
  • providing declarations of consent to sollicitors in the name of the lessees when a flat is sold in the event that this is necessary